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Current news

Vanderhoof Community Garden

There are a few plots left in the community garden. Click here to download the application form. Also, learn more about the community garden.

Local Food Producers Directory


We have done an update to the Directory for the upcoming Trade Show in Vanderhoof. Click the image to download the Local Food Producers Directory.

The directory contains information about local food producers of meat, veggies, and other farm related products, and their contact information so you, the consumer, can purchase directly from them! Printed versions of the directory will be available at the Vanderhoof Library.

Please email us with your current information or to be added to the directory.

We have gone FACEBOOK

The NVFN is now on Facebook. Find us and 'Like' us to read up on recent events etc.


We are always looking for contributors to our Website. If you have a topic you'd like to write about, please send your article in and we'll do our best to accompany it with related articles-recipes-photos.

About the Nechako Valley Food Network

The Nechako Valley Food Network is governed by the Nechako Healthy Community Alliance, a nonprofit society aimed at supporting local initiatives that encourage healthy living. The Vanderhoof Community Garden is a public space in Vanderhoof that encourages individuals and groups to come and plant a garden to produce their own food. Contact the executive members of the NHCA by email ( or visit them soon online at (website under construction). The NHCA also governs the Nechako Waste Reduction Initiative. For more information on the Nechako Waste Reduction Initiative, please visit

The Nechako Valley Food Network comprises of a group of volunteers whose mission is to:

If you are interested in joining our workgroup please contact us by email.

This website is a work-in-progress, so we would appreciate any suggestions from you as to how we can make this site as user-friendly, interactive, and informative as possible. We encourage everyone to please submit messages and photos, write articles, and share recipes. You can contact the NV Food Network via email, or through any of our volunteers. Please share with us your suggestions, photos, articles, etc.