If you have an interest in gardening, local food security, non-timber harvesting, nutrition and health, Farmers' Market, Farm to School Program, food education for adults and children, selling agricultural products locally, or promoting sustainability in our community, then the Nechako Valley Food Network is perfect for you!

Check out our Goals and Initiatives page to see what kind of projects the NV Food Network supports!

To become a member of the Nechako Valley Food Network is easy. Simply email us and say what you are interested in (be it being on the Producer List, or as a volunteer, or looking to learn more, etc).

Once you register you are automatically a member!

Member Benefits include:

We welcome all members to attend our monthly meetings. These meetings are a great way to network with other like-minded individuals who are interested in promoting local food production and consumption.

We encourage our members to participate in the function and growth of the Nechako Valley Food Network. We are always looking for volunteers for events, as well as members for committees and focus groups.

If you have questions about the Nechako Valley Food Network, please contact us by phone or email.