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NVFN Meetings

We are way behind on posting minutes to our website. Check back here soon for recent minutes.

Jan 9, 2012: Regular General Meeting » Minutes

June 6, 2011: Regular General Meeting » Minutes

April 7, 2011: Regular General Meeting » Minutes

March 2, 2011: Regular General Meeting » Minutes

February 2, 2011: Regular General Meeting » Minutes

September 13, 2010: Regular General Meeting » Minutes

Discussed harvest dinner for next fall, producer directory start on it February 2011, articles for bulletin board.

June 14, 2010: Regular General Meeting » Minutes

Discussed printing options for producer directory, the upcoming HEAL chat, Food Event garden tour will be in September-ish, display options for NHCA overall display.

May 10, 2010: Regular General Meeting » Minutes

Discussed logistics of the producer directory, the food cooperative store HEAL chat possibility and the community gardens HEAL chat event.

April 12, 2010: Regular General Meeting » Minutes

Finalized our goals for 2010 as well as reviewed the Annual Report for 2009.

March 8, 2010: Regular General Meeting » Minutes

February 8, 2010: Regular General Meeting » Minutes

January 11, 2010: Regular General Meeting » Minutes

Discussed: the long and short term goals for the NVFN, road blocks for small scale agriculture advancements in Vanderhoof, Farm-to-School program, agro-forestry overview, and much more. Please read the minutes and attend the next meeting.

November 17: Regular General Meeting » Minutes

October 21: Regular General Meeting » Minutes

September 16: Regular General Meeting » Minutes

Reviewed happenings of NVFN of the summer. Many upcoming events and courses that members of the NVFN will be attending and reporting back on in the coming months.

May 6: General Meeting

Held at McLeod School, attendees discussed the upcoming Trade Show in Vanderhoof, the Farmers' Market and the short and long-term goals of the network. Click here for the minutes.

February 2, 2009: Hot Topic Meeting

Held at McLeod School. Over 50 people in attendence. Facilitated by Todd Blattner. Everyone broke into "hot topic" groups to discuss different projects and avenues members would like the Nechako Valley Food Network to follow. Download the meeting summary and hot topic list.

January 12, 2009 - Community Meeting "Growing Together"

Held at the Vanderhoof Library. Meeting facilitated by Dr. Theresa Healy (Regional Facilitator for BC Healthy Communities) with Ms. Christine Glennie-Visser HEAL North Regional Coordinator (Healthy Eating and Active Living). Download the draft summary report.

SUMMARY OF MEETING: Ranchers, farmers, consumers, gardening enthusiasts, and educators gathered to discuss local food issues. There was a tremendous turn-out of over sixty people for a standing room only meeting in the Vanderhoof Public Library Meeting Room. The NV Food Network also presented our goals and some of the tools we are developing to assist the growth and distribution of local agricultural products. The NV Food Network offered to continue to host community planning sessions with Dr. Theresa Healy and also to start work on a volunteer database for community food projects. A Community Action Report will be distributed through email by the Network which will summarize the ideals, barriers, and actions which the community identified for developing the local food 'scene'. The next community planning workshop will be February 2. So, get ready to keep the planning momentum going!

"Growing Together" Agenda

Welcome, Introduction, and Purpose
Opening Round: who you are and what is your dream for the community

Nechako Valley Food Network Briefing Panel Presentations

1. Why Buy Local? the challenges and joys of buying local

2. Supporting Community Supported Agriculture. linking local farmers and
local consumers

3. Linking Ourselves. the technology that can improve our efforts

4. Virtual and Real Websites. the elements of communication

5. Growing Together. using the tools to unite our efforts


Traffic Lights Workshop
Small groups: what are the barriers, ideal states, solutions?

Facilitator: Strategic Directions and Tasks

For Background Information:
Available on The Bean Bookshelf, download it from here.

A Seat At the Table: Resource Guide for Local Governments to Promote Food Secure Communities Download (900kb)

Community Food Assessment Guide Download (700kb)

Making the Connection: Food Security and Public Health

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