The community garden is located on View Street in Vanderhoof.
You can't miss it!

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Community Garden

The Vanderhoof Community Garden is a public space in Vanderhoof that encourages individuals and groups to come and plant a garden to produce their own food. There are opportunities to share ideas and tips between gardeners, and also to learn something new. This space is open to any individual or group in the community to participate. And it is no fee for being part of the community garden!

What is at the garden:

Here is the map of the garden and the list of what is there. So much has happened over the past two years and more is planned. Come check out the garden, even if you don't intend to gardent here - it is a lovely place to be. Click on the map to enlarge.

To book a plot at the garden:

To book a plot, please download the application form.


Gardeners are expected to:

Once you secure a plot at the community garden, there are some expectations. This list is also posted at the garden.

Sharing and learning:

A few times during the growing season therBulletin Board imagee are mini workshops and tutorials to learn new techniques and tips for raising healthy and productive plants, and maintain quality soil. If you have a skill you'd like to share, please let us know.

The Bulletin Board inside the garden tool shed is a great place to post messages to other gardeners, leave spare seeds for other to use etc. The NV Food Network will leave messages to Community Garden members on the bulletin board in the tool shed, so please check there often.

A map of garden plots will be posed in the tool shed as well, in case members forget which plots are theirs etc.


Future plans for the garden:

The Vanderhoof Community Garden group are always looking for new volunteers

To sign up for a plot, contact Maya at 250-570-2194.